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Salad Thai salads can range from the popular papaya salad (called somtum) to various seafood and vegetable salads. The one thing they all have in common is a crisp and lively flavor, often combined with a surprisingly sharp and spicy taste.


Curry Some of the use of curry is a result of the Indian influence on Thai cooking, coming from the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Burma. Thailand also has its own versions of curry dishes.


Vegetarian Many Thai dishes use many vegetables for strong flavor and texture. These recipes specifically focus on vegan versions of Thai food, using substitutions for fish sauce and other ingredients.


Steamed Dishes A healthy way to cook Thai food is by steaming, often wrapping the ingredients in a banana leaf to add extra flavor and fragrance to the dishes.


Thai Soup Many entire meals are made up of nothing but soup, including the famous Tom Yum Goong and Tom Kha Gai. Even breakfast in Thailand is usually a mild broth of meat or seafood with vegetables and rice or noodles.


Noodles Noodles are the staple of every Thai family's kitchen. The ever popular Pad Thai is what most people know of Thai food, but it is only the beginning of an exciting education in every kind of rice noodle.

Rice Dishes If noodles are the staple of every Thai home, then rice is what holds all of Thailand together, including jasmine rice, sticky rice, green rice, sweet rice and fried rice.


Baked Dishes The slow cooking style of the food of southern Thailand includes many curries and Indian-style foods, as well as a great way to prepare larger portions of fish and poultry.


Grilled Dishes Everywhere in Thailand one can smell the wood-fired grills. The smoke hangs in the air where the street vendors are selling whole fish from the grill, and seafood and poulty and meat on skewers, served with spicy hot sauce.

stir fry

Stir Fry Stir-fried dishes are a quick and flavorful way to make some very colorful dishes. Served with a side of vegetables and rice makes a complete and easy meal.

finger food

Finger Food Many different appetizers like deep fried spring rolls and summer rolls with various dipping sauces are the treat that starts a meal.


Dessert Sticky rice and mango, various bean cakes and fruits are the perfect way to finish the experience. After all the flavor and spice of a Thai meal, it's enjoyable to have a sweet treat to soothe the mouth.

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